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The Virtual Office VS The Hired Secretary

  • 10 Dec, 2016

The Virtual Office VS The Hired Secretary

What makes The Hired Secretary stand out above the competition?

The Hired Secretary are more than just the standard virtual office. We are the next generation of what we feel will be the future of virtual office solutions. We have taken what is a normal everyday working office and put it into the cloud. We have tapped into the needs of today's consumers.

How have we done this?

Most virtual offices offer you a virtual office address, mail forwarding or a call answering service that is limited to call forwarding or the taking of a message on your behalf as if you are out of the ‘office,’ and then they will send you a message to continue with the call yourself.

This is not to be undervalued, as it has allowed the busy entrepreneur to grow their business knowing that they have a virtual call answering service, ensuring that they do not miss out on what could be their very next customer. For this service, you may pay as little as £6.99 per week. You get your own phone line and an agent to take your calls.

This is a good start. But what if you need more than that? Would it not be nice to have an agent that will answer your calls, can explain a little bit about your company, as well as inform customers of prices or even send them information via email if essential?

Well, from £9.99 a day ex. VAT you can. Yes, you pay a bit more, but with that you receive a stronger and more beneficial service that gives you a more professional look makes you look more established and taps into the needs of today’s consumers, the need to know now, or I will go elsewhere.

But wait! Maybe another question comes to your mind. What if you could have your own phone and fax line, printing, mailing, scanning, accounting, HR as well as your own PA working remotely who oversees all your admin requirements, such as calls and emails, appointments and can even go to a meeting on your behalf? Would that not be great! Well, at The Hired Secretary we offer you this very service.

Still not sure we are different? What if behind the PA’S were team leaders that oversaw, assisted, and managed your account, could visually monitor the activity of each remote PA to ensure a better quality of service and act as a backup in times of need?

Still not convinced we have the edge? What if you, the client, could also monitor all the activities visually from within your organisation, have complete access to your PA to impart instructions live in real time?

Well, The Hired Secretary offer all this and more. We are the experts at putting your office into the cloud whilst maintaining the look and feel of a full running office to your clients and customers, and at the same time supplying you with all your office essentials such as scanning, mailing, printing, accounting, HR and a remote PA.

We give you flexibility and just one monthly bill. No headache, no stress, just service!

Compared with the traditional virtual office world, we are the Champagne – the caviar.

We   ARE   the next generation of virtual office solutions.

Would you like to know what some of our customers are saying about us?

Client in London    

Incredible how light weighted my working life has now become after employing The Hired Secretary - this also stands for my personal life as well.


Recruitment of Two Receptionists   (In office recruitment for the NHS)

Very professional ly   handled and most of the CV's passed on were well matched to the posts offered and we were able to appoint from the batch of candidates shortlisted.

Client in Thornton Heath.


Secretarial Duties

Excellent work to a high standard.

Client in Bromley


General Administration, Accounting, Marketing

Very pleased with quality and standard of work carried out. Found … to be professional and competent and have no hesitation when it comes to working…again in the future.

Client in Bromley


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By C WALKER 25 Oct, 2017

What do you think? Starting a business can be exciting? Daunting? and or Challenging? Which one of these would be at the top of your list?

If I had to pick, it would be all three (cheating, I know.)  I am sure that many would agree that the road to having a business that can stand on its own merit is not an easy one. There will be times when you just feel like the best thing to do is to just to give it all up.

These can be some of the darkest moments in any business. How do you handle such times? From the start you need to have the mindset that you are in this for the long haul. If you are expecting fast furious results, you are fooling yourself. Immediate results happen very rarely.

Rather than setting yourself up to fail by feeling that it will be different for you, and thinking that the road will be easy; be realistic. This idealistic type of thinking will only add to your frustration and impatience if the milestones that you have set up in your mind are not fulfilled.  The aim from the beginning should be to go and lay down roots, and hand out your business seeds as far and wide as you can by sending emails, using the social media platforms to get your name out there and spreading those business cards far and wide. One day, when you least expect it you will have the results that you are looking for.

So, what can you do while you are waiting? Do all that you can to fine tune your business! With every sale large or small, see how you can improve. Because, when that big one comes you will be glad that you put in all that time and hopefully got passed the major mistakes, snags and issues that would not stand you in good stead when it comes to more major clients or consumers. You will be glad that you did not waste time, and that you were patient and kept going.

If you are seeing progress, there is no need to give up. Just do what you can to keep holding on, one day that small seed that you planted will become a big tree that will be able to stand on its own merit.

So, what is your resolve? Whatever it is we hope that you do not give up before you see the fruits of you labor.

We hope that this article proved to be helpful If so why not share it with someone you know needs encouragement not to give up.


The Hired Secretary are a Specialist Office Recruitment Agency and Remote Services Provider.

Call us on 0800 368 9994 for more information.

By C WALKER 25 Oct, 2017

Oh, the woes of putting a CV together. But are they really all that important? Well let us examine some of the benefits of having a CV.

1: It allows you to outline your professional and educational history that can entice potential employers into considering you.

2: It allows you to highlight your personal qualities to show why you are the right person for the job.

3: It is your window of opportunity to be spotted over other potential candidates if done in the right way, and you possess the skills and experience necessary.

As you can see from the above information a CV really is worth the effort. Employers may go through hundreds every year in the hunt for the right person to fill an open job post.

Usually, they do not have the time to go through CV's in minute detail, meaning that your CV may just receive a quick glance. Therefore, you need to ensure that the information that you put is clear, simple and concise.

It is therefore good to highlight your skills and experiences that are related to the role that you are applying for. Do not be the perfect employee that was passed over due to a poor presented and considered CV.

So how should one present a CV?

While there are no hard and fast rules with regards to a CV, there does tend to be a pattern when it come to the layout of one. This is the format that we will be highlighting:

  • In the header should be your name, address, contact number and email address. Having these details also helps if you are applying to agencies as their CRM system is able to upload and parse the CV which allows a quick search for the right candidates with the right skills for the right job.
  • Most CV's contain a three or four-line profile about the said person
  • Work experience – Include the name of the company that you work or worked for, what was your role, start and end date. Ensure that you put the most recent job first and work down in years. This is because most employers will want to ascertain if you are up-to-date in your experience and will not want to scroll to the bottom of your CV to find that information.
  • List your Education and Certifications and or Achievements that may be relevant for the role. Then highlight any skills that you may have, hobbies and then reference information.

Remember your aim is to get your foot in the door for the interview so that you can elaborate as to why you are the best person for the role.

So, make the effort to ensure that your CV is the one that will be seen, and the one that will have every employer pining for you.

We hope that the points that have been raised in this article have helped. Please look out for our next one in two weeks time.


The Hired Secretary are an office recruitment agency as well as the next generation of virtual office solutions.

For more information about us please visit our webpage at  or call our team on 0800 368 9994.

By C WALKER 21 Sep, 2017

I am sure that you will agree that one on the most nerve racking things is having to attend interviews. We might ask ourselves why? There can be many reasons, the first of them could be that you really need a job and therefore you really want to give your best, you want that employer to see that you are the right person for that advertised role.

The next issue is that none of us like to be under scrutiny, and third reason, is simply that we do not want to hear the words ‘sorry, but you have not been successful on this occasion.'

Are there any tips that can help one to Ace an interview? Well there are tips that can ensure that you can leave the interview feeling proud of yourself no matter the outcome. We would like to take you through a few of these today.

1: Be Prepared

From the outset, ensure that you take the time to get to know the company that you are applying of for. There is nothing worse than a person who turns up for an interview and they know nothing about the company, or the role. That just shows the employer that your interest is simply to gain employment with anyone. Even if that is the case! Try not to make it that obvious.

2: Know your field well

If you say that you are an PA and the role you have applied for is as a Personal Assistant do not hesitate to highlight your know how on the field where relevant.

3: Dress for the occasion:

Ensure that you have the right clothing for right job. Always ensure that you look smart and well presented. Ensure that you are clean and that your shoes are polished.

4: Be positive:

While you don’t want to show yourself over confident, you really do not want to be under confident either. While the interviewer may be sympathetic, they really won’t be too impressed by hearing all your woes either. Therefore, have a positive outlook on the whole process and you will find that people will feed off your positive energy.

5: Be Honest:

It is so important that you are honest in an interview. Most of the time dishonesty can be detected or found out. If you are not honest it will lead the employer to have doubts as to your suitability and trustworthiness in working for them.

6: Finally – Relax:

I know you may be thinking to yourself, how is that possible? Well if you have prepared well, and that includes checking travel times etc, then this will help you to have the confidence to do your best. After all what is the worst that can happen, even if you hear no your world will not shatter. So, relax and enjoy the experience.

Wishing you all the best and we hope that theses tips really prove useful for you and help you to Ace that next interview.

Written By Chenella Walker Assisted by Suzette Johnson


The Hired Secretary are an office recruitment agency as well as the next generation of virtual office solutions, supplying you with your own remote PA, phone and fax line as well as printing, HR and accountancy and much more. Today's tomorrow has arrived when The Hired Secretary put full functional offices in the cloud, saving you time and money, whilst providing you with just one monthly bill.

For more information please visit our webpage at  or call our team on 0800 368 9994.

By C WALKER 21 Sep, 2017

I like to think of 'confidence' as something of a two-edged sword. According to, on the one hand it is "the quality of being certain of your abilities"; on the other, it is "a feeling or belief that someone or something is good or has the ability to succeed at something".

 So, you see, it works both ways, when you act in a confident manner, people will generally tend to have confidence in you and what you are doing or saying. To be successful in any endeavor, confidence is an essential ingredient.

 Recently whilst watching a video on YouTube, one of those annoying ads came on; a gentleman sat on a sofa talking about how his brand-marketing business could help take your business to the next level. Normally, as soon as the opportunity arises I tend to click "skip ad", but I was so captivated by not only what he was saying, but also how he was saying it. His words were carefully chosen, his poise was relaxed and the pace of his presentation just flowed with such ease. I was struck by how bold and sure he was about the service he could offer and straightaway I felt a connection with him and believed that he could do those things he was talking about.

 But let's face it, for some us, things just don't happen that way. Think back on a situation in which you were feeling particularly unconfident. What was going through your mind? You were more than likely dwelling on thoughts of inadequacy, thinking that others are thinking badly of you or that you are somehow not good enough. These negative feelings sometimes stem from a lack of self-esteem, but in the world of business, they are more likely to stem from a lack of organisation. Yes, being prepared for that big meeting by outlining what you want to achieve from it or the message that you would like to convey to those present is a way of taking control of our own situation enabling us to feel less fearful. We walk into that meeting with a new client or prospect already knowing what it is we would like to get across.

 Facing your fears: Hate the telephone? After all, it is so much easier to just send someone information about your business by email. But you see the problem with this is that people buy from people, and a telephone call presents an opportunity to make an instant connection with a potential client. Prepare yourself for the call by noting down what you want to say, anticipate any questions which may arise from the prospect, imagine the best outcome and pick up the phone! This combination of preparation and positive thinking will go a long way in helping you to feel more confident and your prospect will feel more confident in you because quite frankly, positivity is infectious.

Developing the quality of confidence takes time and consistent dedication. If you suffer from a lack of confidence, it is not something that will get better after the first few times of you putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. You have to take action again and again until the uncomfortable becomes comfortable. This will lead you to feel more personally fulfilled and a company which is under the control of a confident person who consistently puts their best foot forward will undoubtedly become a success. So, do yourself and your business a favor by changing your frame of mind, because that is essentially what it all boils down to; confidence is a frame of mind. You already have all it takes to make your business a success, but most are often held back by personal feelings of inadequacy or a lack of organisation amongst other things. Therefore, it often just a matter of getting out of your own way!

Written By Jodianne Griffiths

We hope that you have enjoyed this article - Please look out for the next one.


The Hired Secretary are your specialist office and remote office recruitment agency. You can contact us on 0800 368 9994.

By C WALKER 15 Sep, 2017

Have you ever heard of the flying Siberian Squirrel? Well until now I never knew about them either.

So Why Have I chosen to include them in today's article? Well, in life you can learn a lot from the things you see around you, including how animals in nature cope with life. Today we are going to look at how these fascinating creatures can help us in business.

Lets look at point one:

Better known as the 'Flying Mitten', the flying squirrel has aerodynamic membranes "Its front part is supported by a rod of cartilage starting from the wrist," says the book The World of the Animals. "Although the membrane looks as though it has only two layers of skin, there is a thin layer of muscles that enables these squirrels to change the curvature of the gliding surface in order to adjust its aerodynamic qualities."

Much like the 'Flying mitten', in business we must be adaptable, taking on different roles and adjusting to different situations when needed. Others may see you as the weakest link but with time you will find that you will have the skills and abilities to glide through most situations with ease.

How? To develop these abilities will require you to take the time to research your field and refine your business accordingly. You will have to dedicate yourself to getting a deeper understanding of the market and your customers. With such valuable information you will find that you have the "aerodynamics" needed to be and do more than you thought you could.

Point 2:

This squirrel has the ability to fly without bumping into anything. How? Its tail acts as a rudder, guiding the squirrel's flight. Just before landing on a tree, the squirrel opens its "brake parachute"—that is, it turns to a vertical position. Very rarely does a squirrel miscalculate and fall to the ground.

What an amazing creature. There are times in business when you will have to steer through some rough waters, and with the right attitude and tools you will find that you will get through these times. You have to act wisely and never be afraid to be open with people who you know have your best interest at heart and most importantly, have faith in what you are trying to achieve.

Point 3:

The flying squirrel has unique eyes, which resemble large black pearls. Unlike other squirrels, the flying squirrel is a nocturnal animal. Hence, it needs good eyesight to find its favourite food—the catkins and leaves of deciduous trees and the buds of conifers.

When running a business, there will most certainly be times when you have to burn the proverbial candle at both ends. Just like our Siberian squirrel, you will have to put in some work after hours, working well beyond office close times or getting up that little bit earlier to put in the extra grind and catch up on the things that you were unable to complete during the day. These are the things that people don't see going on behind the scenes. Things like getting policies in place, sorting out your terms and conditions etc. But like that squirrel if you want to get the "catch" of the day these things are important and you must be willing to take those few extra hours to get what is needed done. Only be balanced with it as a lack of sleep does not allow you to give of your best the next day, and be careful not to neglect other important activities and duties such as in the family.

Yes, we can learn a lot from the humble Siberian "Flying mitten" Squirrel in all avenues of life. We hope that these points have reminded you of some of what it takes to run a business today.

Information taken from

Written by Chenella Walker and Edited by Jodianne Griffiths.

If you enjoyed this article please look out for the next one in two weeks time.


The Hired Secretary are your specialist office and remote office recruitment agency. You can contact us on 0800 368 9994.

By C WALKER 15 Sep, 2017
If you currently work or have ever worked in the trade industry, you will know the common challenges that are faced by tradesmen and women and just how hard they work. Early mornings late nights and not a lot of understanding for the daily battle that they face as they strive to keep customers happy.

It is an industry that gets a lot of stick, yet without their expertise, where would most of us be?

Did you know that some of the most common complaints when it comes to tradespeople are; they are never on time, no invoices or receipts are sent out to customers, they never pick up the phone.

Customers can be oh so unforgiving of the above issues, and this sees many sole traders missing out on valuable business opportunities.

If you are a one-man band or a small business, a tight cash flow can make it very difficult for you to hire the help you need, but missing customer calls or failing to inform them you are running late for their job can be very damaging when you are striving to build a good reputation.

So, what is the solution to these issues for tradespeople who do not have a lot of cash flow?

A remote PA – That's right! It really is that simple. The Hired Secretary specialises in this basic yet clever solution.

Picture the scenario; You are running late for a job, so you inform your PA, your PA then sends an SMS under your company name to alert the customer – How great is that! What impression do you think that this would give to your customers?

Imagine having a PA who is able to send out your Invoices and Receipts as soon as you have completed a job for a customer, or quickly send out a quotation to a potential customer. What a good impression this would create in an industry where competition is high.

Your PA would take your business calls while you are on the road. Leaving your customers feeling safe in the knowledge that are dealing with a trusted business.

Whatever your budget, The Hired Secretary has an affordable solution for you. What are you waiting for? Don't delay in finding your ideal PA today and improving the image of your company.

Written by Chenella Walker Edited by Jodianne Griffiths


The Hired Secretary are your specialist office and remote office recruitment agency. You can contact us on 0800 368 9994.
By C WALKER 08 Sep, 2017

This is an issue that affects most people in society today, whether they have a family or not. I'm sure that many will find this subject of interest as it can be one of the hardest things to achieve; Finding that perfect balance between the demands of home life and those that come with running a business.

No matter how well planned your day is, there are just never enough hours in a day to get everything done. Why is it so hard and is there some secret to finding this elusive balance?

The simple answer to that question is no. What can help you however, is after you have finished your planning, you then need to sit back and do some honest self-evaluation as to how much you can realistically get done on any given day.

We all have 24 hours a day, whether you are Mr Bill Gates or John Doe working a 9 to 5. What makes the difference is how we choose to use those 24 hours that are available to us each day.

 If this is something you don't already do, get into the habit of writing down all the important things that need to be accomplished both within the family or your personal life and at work. Include on your plan family/personal time as this is extremely important.

Identify the most pressing needs of the business and allocate a specific time frame to complete these. This may require you to spread the work out across a period of hours or even days. If that is the case, allocating specific blocks of time when you will be focused on work, and specific free time intervals, be this time for yourself or time spent with family, is key to feeling that you are living a balanced existence. You have to be strict with yourself in sticking to the plan; yes, life happens and things don't always happen at the exact time we want them to happen but a lot people fall into the trap of always wanting to get things done right now, spending inordinate amounts of time stuck at their desks on the computer, forgetting that there is more to life than getting through emails.

This way of working causes many to lose touch with friends and family; some even losing their health in the process. Take charge of your time by planning your daily activities effectively, putting it all on paper and ensure that you are spending appropriate amounts of time on all the areas that are important to you in life.

Enjoy the journey; don't lose out on life because you were too busy focusing on business interests only to find you've lost what was most valuable to you; family, friends and at times even your health.

You will find that by putting a little more thought and effort into how you spend each hour of your day you will find it much easier to balance your home and work life.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this article. Please look out for the next one.

Written by Chenella Walker Edited by Jodianne Griffiths.


The Hired Secretary are your specialist office and remote office recruitment agency. You can contact us on 0800 368 9994.

By C WALKER 01 Sep, 2017

With so many small businesses in existence, one common problem faced by most is realizing the need to grow but lacking the necessary funds and know how to make it happen.

At some point or other many of us small business owners have felt this pressure. But in today's world of ever evolving technology, there are now endless possibilities and opportunities for those running small businesses. One very exciting change is the possibility of recruiting a remote worker.

Remote workers can be of great benefit to a growing company. Here at The Hired Secretary we specialize in this field and have had the privilege of helping new and established businesses with their office needs.

So, what are some of the things that can be done by a remote worker? A remote worker can deal with a wide variety of tasks ranging from audio typing, copywriting, admin duties, call answering services and far more besides. Here at the Hired secretary we have extended this through the use of modern technology, a client can now have all their office needs met remotely. In addition to those already mentioned we also offer printing, mailing, faxing, HR and accounting. Yes, the list of services we offer is extensive and we are adding more all the time.

If you are struggling to meet deadlines, answer calls and emails on time, why not see how employing a remote worker through The Hired Secretary can help you.

For more information on what we can do for you please visit our website at:   for more information.


The Hired Secretary are your specialist office and remote office recruitment agency. You can contact us on 0800 368 9994.

By C WALKER 25 Aug, 2017

Some will say that the sight of money gets their business juices flowing; others the thrill of the chase for new customers; and still for others, it's watching the business that they have worked long and hard on become a success.

Whatever gets you rocking in business it is always good to know, as this can help you push forward towards your goals. Once you reach your goals however, is that it? Do you just stop there?

It all really depends on why you are in business, if it is only for the money, then there will be no end to your quest, you will find that you will never have enough. There is no final destination. This can lead some to be shortsighted in their approach to business when it comes to dealing with their customers. They tend to display the attitude of "there is plenty more where they come from"  and therefore may not deal with their customers in a way that makes them feel valued. But we recognize that this is not always the case.

If the zeal for profits is balanced with striving to have satisfied customers and a business you can be proud of; a business which gives back to the wider community, then you will find that you will swing to a completely different tune when it comes to how you go about things.

Perhaps you are someone who goes about their business always in a hurry to get things done, wanting to feel that sense of accomplishment with every goal you set sooner rather than later. Or perhaps you are someone who is a little more patient in your approach when it comes to seeing how your business develops, coming up with new and improved ideas that will appeal to prospective clients.

Whatever it is that motivates or rocks you in business it is always good to think about the long term as well as the short-term. It will be hard at times but if done right you will find that you are reaching for higher ground. Mistakes will happen along the way no matter how you try to avoid them, but don't let that stop you rocking! Mistakes that are quickly rectified will hopefully sees you raising your standards.

Remember, that whatever rocks you in business, experiencing growing pains will only stand you in good stead for future success. So keep rocking!

Thank you for taking a moment to read this article. Please look out for the next one.

Written by Chenella Walker Edited by Jodianne Griffiths.


The Hired Secretary are your specialist office and remote office recruitment agency. You can contact us on 0800 368 9994.

By C WALKER 29 Jun, 2017

Broadly speaking, in life you tend to come across three types of people; the pessimist, who constantly complains about the wind that blows; the optimist, who expects it will change; and the realist who adjusts their sail to cope with whatever wind that blows, facing head on the challenges posed by present circumstances whatever they may be. The question is, which one are you?

More often than not, the way you deal with life's challenges is very likely the way that you will deal with the challenges that you face within business.

Having a pessimistic spirit in business will only see you giving up at one too many hurdles. Being an optimist is great but things will not always turn out as planned. However, optimism is great at keeping you going in times when things seem bleak.

The realist is one who looks upon and evaluates a situation and makes plans to navigate their way to where they desire to be. Along the way they make adjustments to ensure that the current takes them to their destination. This actually requires quite a lot of optimism.

So how can being a realist in business help you to push forward? Well, success in any endeavor requires prior planning and preparation, and part of this preparation requires you to be honest enough about the situation that you are currently in and the likely hood that financially, emotionally and physically you can sail through the storms to get to your desired location.

It is important to realise that planning is a key ingredient in success. The popular saying goes "fail to plan and you plan to fail". I couldn't think of better words to express such a timeless philosophy more succinctly than these. Before the planning however, comes something of even greater significance; and that is vision. Our vision enables us to project far beyond our present circumstances. Having a clear and concise vision about where you want to end up is something that many people take for granted. No matter how much optimism you may have about a project or business idea, without vision you will be unable to make adequate plans to make it the success you desire.

It most definitely will not be an easy sail, but if you can get clear on your vision, that will be more than half the battle won. Once you know where you are heading, it will just be a matter of drawing up the plans and mapping out your journey. You will undoubtedly come up against many hurdles, and when you do your vision will see you through.

So, although easier said than done, get clear on your vision, then take out that pen and paper and map out your journey, all the while being fully prepared to re-evaluate your plans and make adjustments along the way.

We hope that you have found this article useful. Please look out for the next 'When thank you just is not enough'.

Written By Chenella Walker edited by Jodianne Griffiths


The Hired Secretary are your specialist office and remote office recruitment agency. You can contact us on 0800 368 9994.

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