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Professional clerical assistants 
in the UK

At Hired Secretary, all our secretaries work remotely hence, you can save hundreds of pounds on space. Contact us today at our London office and find out more.

Comprehensive clerical services in the UK 

At Hired Secretary, we can:

•  Set up a local or a free phone number with a personal assistant/or hired secretary to answer, make, or transfer all your business calls  
• Take messages
•  Send and receive your emails and invoices 
•  Write and send your letters and print documentation for you 
•  Send off contracts have them signed and sent back to you electronically 
•  Schedule your appointments send out reminders 
•  Set up your own Central London EC1 mail forwarding address 
•  Set up your own dedicated company SMS sending system

Computer savvy assistants

Apart from managing your appointments and managing contracts, the assistants are good with computers. They can take minutes, ghost write, and proofread with ease. PowerPoint presentations, Word, Excel, internet and OpenOffice competency makes us stand out from the rest. They can also attend to business meetings via e-conferencing.
Contact our team to find out about how our services work and receive a free consultation.
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What are the benefits of having 
a hired secretary?

  • No paying for annual leave
  • No missed calls
  • Professional look maintained
  • No overhead costs. Please read our terms and conditions
  • We can take care of nearly all areas of your business like printing, sending out mail, stamps and much more.
To hire affordable remote clerical assistants from anywhere in the UK, contact Hired Secretary today on 
0800 368 9994

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